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Always show the Bcc and From field in Outlook on the Web (OWA) and

When I’m using Outlook in my Internet browser, I don’t see the Bcc and From field. I’ve found how I can enable it when composing a message but as soon as I send this message and start a new one, the fields are hidden again.

How can I always show the Bcc and From fields when using Outlook on the Web?

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Multiple Contact Folders vs. Contact Groups vs. Categories

I’m trying to sort my Contacts a bit more effectively but I’m a bit at a loss to determine what the best approach is.

There seem to be various options such as creating additional Contacts (sub) folders, creating Contact Groups and using Categories.

Which approach is the best or which one would you recommend?

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Outlook Notifications not showing in Action Center of Windows 10

I’m using Outlook on Windows 10 and whenever I receive a new email I do get the notification toast but when I open the Action Center, the message isn’t listed there.

Can I add Outlook’s notifications to the Action Center as well so I can quickly see if I received any new emails while I was away from my computer?

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Recurring Tasks don’t remind me again

I’ve created several Recurring Tasks to remind me of some daily or weekly chores such as taking my medicine, taking out the trash can and making (or actually checking) my back-ups.

However, even though I’ve set the recurrence correctly, I’m only being reminded for the first occurrence and then never again. My Recurring Appointments work as expected though.

Surely I’m overlooking something here as I assume Outlook is perfectly capable of doing this?

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Why am I not getting the latest updates for Office/Outlook 2016?

I sometimes see announcements about new features being added or fixes being made to Office 2016. However, I don’t seem to get them.

When I compared my build number of Outlook 2016 to the one of a friend, I saw that his was newer. I chose File-> Update Options-> Update Now and I got the message “You’re up to date!”

How can I force Outlook to install the latest updates?

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Do not always ask before opening this type of file

When I double click on an attachment, I’m being asked whether I would like to open or save the file. I would like to open it but I don’t want to answer this question again.

There is an option which says “Always ask before opening this type of file” which I want to turn off but I can’t since it is greyed out.

How can I enable this checkbox and get rid of the prompt when opening my attachment?

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Disabling or enabling Link Preview in Outlook 365 on the Web (OWA) and

When I type or paste an URL in my message in Outlook on the Web (OWA), some sort of preview is sometimes added with a logo and a description of the website or a still image of a YouTube video.

It looks OK but unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it is being added in the middle of my sentence after I’ve added an URL which is very awkward to say the least.

I now have the following questions about this feature;

  • How can I fix the links that didn’t turn into Link Previews?
  • How can I remove a Link Preview I don’t want?
  • How can I disable the Link Preview feature completely?
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Installing a mix of different Outlook and Office versions

I’ve got an Office 365 subscription so I can install Office 2016, but since my company is still using Exchange 2007, I can’t upgrade to Outlook 2016 yet.

Can I install Office 2016 as part of my Office 365 subscription and a standalone edition of Outlook 2013 instead?

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Merge archive files or other pst-files

Over the years, I’ve created many archive files (I used to archive by month and then later by year as space became less of an issue).

I still use them as a reference sometimes and I’d like to combine them into one big archive as it is easier to manage and simplifies searching as well.

How can I merge them together?

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Combine Inbox folders of multiple POP3 accounts in Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016

In previous versions of Outlook, my multiple POP3 accounts all delivered to the same Personal Folders list (pst-file) and mailbox. In Outlook 2010/2013/2016, they all go into a separate Personal Folders list making it very hard to track my new messages.

How can I get all my POP3 accounts to deliver to the same Personal Folders list again?

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